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Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock! This is just the sound of time marching on! Teens have so many competing demands on their time -- friends, movies, studying, relationships, work and more! One of the most important factors in learning how to study is learning how to manage time. In order to manage your time better, take control of what happens to you during school and during your time away from school.

Here are some tips you can use to help you manage your time efficiently:

  • Make a "to do" list. Make your list in the morning and then feel the joy of crossing out each item as you finish it.

  • Set your priorities. A priority is something important. Look at your list and decide what is the most important task you need to do. What is next important? And so forth.

  • Use a daily planner at school. A daily planner keeps track of your school assignments as they are given. Be a WINNER!
    Write down assignments while you are still in class.
    Include due dates.
    Determine if you Need to bring home the book for that class.
    Do homework every Night. Don't let it pile up.
    Explain to your parents what you're doing in school.
    And Remember to bring the work back to school.

  • Study difficult (or boring) subjects first. Waiting to study them doesn't make them easier. Get them "out of the way."

  • Keep study sessions no longer than 50 minutes -- then take a break. Give yourself some kind of reward before getting back to work.

  • Avoid over-commitment. Be realistic about what you have time to do.

  • Try to handle a paper or an assignment only once.


Practice your time management skills. Play the Beat the Clock Game.



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