Western Reserve Public Media
The Staff of Western Reserve Public Media

Western Reserve Public Media
1750 W Campus Center Drive
P.O. Box 5191
Kent, Ohio 44240-5191
Phone: (330) 677-4549
Fax: (330) 678-0688


President & Chief Executive Officer

Trina Cutter


Chief Technology Officer/Operations/Engineering

Anthony Dennis
Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Wheele
Master Control / Traffic Technician

Nick Freeman
Traffic Specialist


Programming & Production

Steve Graziano

Gary Manke
Producer / Director

Kelly Woodward
Producer / Writer / Director



Elisa Burchett
Business Manager/CFO

Brandon Woyma
Accounting Specialist

Susan Scheible
Administrative Assistant

Educational Services

Jeff Good
Director of Education

Heather Smith


Marketing & Development

Terry Schlosser
Corporate Sponsorship Account Executive

Debra Racey
Corporate Sponsorship Account Executive

Paula Kritz
Digital Platforms & Publications Manager

Diane Steinert
Communications Coordinator

Marybeth Gibbons
Membership / Traffic Coordinator

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