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Watercolor Techniques Project: Pastels

Click on the thumbnails to view the full size images.

Kay’s Pastel

Mary’s Pastel

Renee’s Pastel

Sandy’s Pastel

Tamy’s Pastel

Kay’s Coffee Pot

Kay’s Goldenrod

Basket of Fruit

Flag and Candle

Goldenrod and Fruit

Tamy’s Cup

Tamy’s Fruit

Renee’s Squash

Cheryl’s Apples

Sandy’s Lion

Maribeth’s Apples

Dawn’s Cup

Trudy’s Apples

John’s Purple Pastel

Paul’s Pastel

Three Onions


Flame and Flag



Candle and Flag

Trudy’s Birdhouse


Red Parrot


Big Apple

Bob’s Still Life

Green Jug


Summer Shoes


JoAnn’s Leaves

Leann’s Rose

Liz’s Apple

Take Home

Walking in the Woods


Wish I Was There

Coty by Trudy

Tri Blue by Trudy

Duck by Trudy


Two Apples by Maribeth

Coral Rose by Paula

Knit and Pearls by Paula

Study in Blue by Paula

Yarn and Pearls by Carissa


Cylinders of Color by Carissa

Apple and Grapes by Carissa

Apple Study by Megan

Just Blue by Megan

Mug by Megan


Yellow Pear by Megan

Red Apples and Green Grapes by John

Green Vase by John

Green Vase and Orange Vase by John