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Caricature Project


Regional Artists: William Burgess, Warren
Featured Museum: Butler Institute of American Art
Featured Artist: Al Hirshfeld
Featured Work of Art: "The Late George Apley"
Featured Teacher: Bill Burgess, Youngstown Diocese

Lesson Overview:
Students will produce a caricature of a classmate that incorporates hobbies or other interests in the drawing.


Video Synopsis

Our caricaturist, Bill Burgess, demonstrates drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, hair and body.  The caricature style of using the minimum number of strokes to accomplish the art becomes apparent.  The school project follows students as they draw faces and bodies and then add color to their caricatures.



Students will:

  • Perceptual awareness: look and observe the face.

  • Design concepts: cartooning, simple forms and designs.

  • Skill development: drawing



  • Caricature

  • Exaggeration

  • Proportion

  • Expression



  • 50 sheets of 80# 18: x 22" heavy white drawing paper

  • Markers

  • Pencils

  • Cardboard backing

  • Giant Clipboard




  • Show Sharing Art video, “Caricature.”

  •  Show and discuss examples of caricature (Al Hirshfeld, Mad magazine, political cartoons).

  •  Teacher does simple drawing of one student.

  • Each student interviews his/her subject to find out his/her name and interests.

  • Drawing the face:

    • Use guidelines for placement of face.

    • Use small slashes to get the size and proportion correct.

    • Starting with the eyes, study the caricature from left to right to check for balance .

    • Place the nose, ears and hair on the face.

    • Exaggerate features that stand out in a unique way.

  • Add the body, first roughing it out in pencil.

  • Add a drawing of the subject’s hobby

  • Put artist’s signature on the paper (usually the lower corner).

  • Put the subject’s name in the upper left hand corner.


Lower Grade Level Project

Follow the main project (middle grades) procedure for drawing the face.

Draw 2 (or more) caricatures of the same face, having each drawing illustrate a different expression such as frightened, sad, happy, surprised….



Higher Grade Level Project

Using the main project, choose one or more of the following extensions:

  • Add color and various other media.

  • Do political cartooning: This would require students to do some research with regard to local or national events with pictures of subjects.

  • Create a visual satire: Great examples can be found in Mad magazine.

  • Create theater or program covers: One of the best in this field is Al Hirshfeld.




Caricature rubric:

Drawing is finished within time limit 25 points
Artist's name 25 points
Use of correct material 25 points
Caricature shows likeness of subject 25 points


100 points

These can be broken down in various ways and implemented using grade averages or points depending upon project difficulty and teacher discretion. You can develop and establish a point system broken down into any assignment of point values for the rubric. The evaluation does not require that each item be worth 25 points, nor must the rubric include all four items.