Sharing Art
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About Sharing Art

What is the Intention of Sharing Art?

Sharing Art's intent is for students to understand that the art projects they do in class can lead to a career or even display in a museum. The series demonstrates real-world applications of the techniques taught in art classes.


What is the ITV Series?

Western Reserve Public Media's Sharing Art consists of fifteen 15-minute programs for students in grades 5 - 10. The first ten episodes of the series feature northeast Ohio art museums, artists and schools. The episodes include the following:

  • An introduction to a museum piece of art

  • A local artist explaining how he or she does comparable art

  • Students in a local classroom doing a similar project

Each of the last five episodes spotlights two artists demonstrating and explaining their work (no classroom projects).


What Art Forms Does the Series Cover?

  1. Clay Figures

  2. Water Color Techniques

  3. Found Object Sculpture

  4. Pop Art

  5. Mixed Media

  6. Slab Pottery

  7. Illustration

  8. Ceramic Tiles

  9. Abstract Water Color

  10. Caricature

  11. Clay Sculpture and Pottery

  12. Wood Sculpture

  13. Electrostatic Art and Weaving

  14. Textiles

  15. Metal Sculpture and Wood Turning 


What Will I Find in the Teachers Guide?

  • Lesson overview

  • Video Synopsis

  • Objectives

  • Vocabulary

  • Materials needed

  • Lower-grade level project

  • Middle-grade level project

  • Higher-grade level project

  • Assessment


Who Has Been Involved in the Sharing Art Project?

Curriculum Committee

Russell Bailey, Campbell City Schools
Matt Beresh, Mogadore Local Schools
William Burgess, Youngstown Diocese
Laura Donnelly, North Canton City Schools
Debbie Gottas, Woodridge Local Schools
Susan Griffin, Southington Local Schools
Jennifer Guest, Fairless Local Schools
Nancy Hulea, Canfield Local Schools
Karl Martin, Kent City Schools



Steve Mitchell


Post Production

Graffite Productions


Videography and Editing

Dirk Fischer
Marty Graff
Carl Palmer



Eileen Moushey


Production Assistant

Rebecca Nero


Special Thanks

M. J. Albacete - Canton Museum of Art
Lynnda Arrasmith - Akron Art Museum
Lou Zona - Butler Institute of American Art
Campbell City Schools
Canfield Local Schools
Canton City Schools
Fairless Local Schools
Kent City Schools
Mogadore Local Schools
North Canton City Schools
Southington Local Schools
Woodridge Local Schools
Youngstown Diocese


Funding Provided by

North Eastern Ohio Education Association (NEOEA)
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation