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Teacher Materials


Download the projectRESEARCH: Consider the Source teacher guide. (PDF file)


PowerPoint Presentations

Finding Information

Evaluating Websites (slide show)

Evaluating Websites (PowerPoint file)


Cool Searching Tips (slide show)

Cool Searching Tips (PowerPoint file)



Understanding Information

Understanding Graphs (slide show)

Understanding Graphs (PowerPoint file)


Making Information Your Own

Presenting Your Information PowerPoint Presentation (slide show)

Presenting Your Information PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint file)


Doing a Research Project PowerPoint Presentation (slide show)

Doing a Research Project PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint file)



Student Handouts (PDF files)

Finding Information

Can I Believe It? Evaluating Websites

Global Warming Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt — Sports

Fact or Fiction?


Understanding Information

Getting to Know You!

Vocabulary Cards

What Can Graphs Tell Us?

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Source Guide

Finding Sources: What Works and Why?

Terms and Tips for Focused Research Questions

Focused Research Questions

Tips for Focused Research Writing

Sample Research Topic and Thesis Statement

Planning Focused Research Papers

An Insight to Citing

Avoiding Plagiarism

Misquote Mishaps

Types of Citations

In-text Citation Strategies

Writing Citations

Practicing In-Text Citations

Acting as a Reporter, Part One: Reporting What’s Primary

Interview Tips and Tricks

Interview Log

Acting as a Reporter, Part Two: Keywords and Secondary Sources

Tips for Searching for Secondary Sources

Secondary Source Log


Making Information Your Own

Social Media

Research Project Template

Global Warming Hotlist

Supplemental Activities

Research Game

Research Game Questions (PDF file)


Game Version 1: Game Board Directions (PDF file)

Game Board (PDF file)


Game Version 2: Big Wheel Directions (PDF file)

Big Wheel Spinner (PowerPoint file)



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