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What to watch this week on Western Reserve PBS
Jan. 14 - Jan. 20
Monday, Jan. 14, at 10 p.m.
The Royal Good Guys
The Royal Good Guys

The philanthropic efforts of Britain's world-famous royal family around the world are explored.
Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 9 p.m.
American Experience - The Swamp
American Experience

"The Swamp" Explore the story of Florida's Everglades and efforts to preserve it.
Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 8 p.m.
Nature - Equus--Story of the Horse

"Equus: Story of the Horse" Travel around the world to uncover the history of mankind's relationship with the horse. (Part 1 of 2)
Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 10 p.m.
Dictator's Playbook - Saddam Hussein
The Dictator's Playbook

"Saddam Hussein" Learn how Saddam Hussein used fear and intimidation to rule Iraq with an iron fist for over 30 years. (Part 2 of 6)

Thursday, Jan. 17, at 9 p.m.
Death in Paradise - Season 6
Death in Paradise, Season 6

The death of a scientist provides a difficult case to crack. (Part 1 of 8)
Friday, Jan. 18, at 8:30 p.m.
Studio C Sessions-Wolf Alice & Demos Papadimas
Studio C Sessions

"Wolf Alice / Demos Papadimas"

Studio C Sessions is a collaboration between Western Reserve PBS and The Summit.

Friday, Jan. 18, at 9 p.m.
Great Performances - Orphee et Eurydice from Lyric Opera of Chicago
Great Performances

"Orphee et Eurydice from Lyric Opera of Chicago" Reimagine Christoph Willibald Gluck's enduringly popular opera based on the famous Greek myth.
Saturday, Jan. 19, at 6 p.m.
The Great British Baking Show, Season 2, Bread
The Great British Baking Show, Season 2

"Bread" The remaining bakers battle Paul Hollywood's specialty: bread.
Saturday, Jan. 19, at 10:30 p.m.
POV Shorts-Positive Images
POV Shorts

"Positive Images" A man creates an archive of black excellence and fights for its permanence in "Give."
Saturday, Jan. 19, at 11 p.m.
Independent Lens - Rodents of Unusual Size
Independent Lens

"Rodents of Unusual Size" A fisherman in the bayou goes up against 20-pound "swamp rats" that are eating up coastal wetlands.
Sunday, Jan. 20, at 4 p.m.
Masterpiece - Downton Abbey - Season 4 Part 5
Masterpiece, Downton Abbey: Season 4 

Rose's surprise party for Robert risks scandal. Mary meets an old suitor. Edith gets troubling news. (Part 5 of 8)
Sunday, Jan. 20, at 8 p.m.
Masterpiece - Victoria - Season 3 Part 1
Masterpiece, Victoria: Season 3

Revolution sweeps across Europe and pressure builds on Victoria with new arrivals at the palace. (Part 1 of 8)
Sunday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m.
Masterpiece - Victoria - Season 3 Part 2
Masterpiece, Victoria: Season 3

Victoria must decide whether to fight the Chartists or allow them to present their petition. (Part 2 of 8)
Sunday, Jan. 20, at 10 p.m.
Victoria and Albert--The Wedding
Victoria and Albert: The Wedding   

Enjoy a re-creation of the wedding that changed British matrimonial ceremonies forever. (Part 2 of 2)

Sunday, Jan. 20, at 11 p.m.
Frontline-The Facebook Dilemma

"The Facebook Dilemma (Part 2)" Facebook's response to charges of promoting "fake news" and disrupting American politics.

Don't miss these great overnight programs
The Kate, Maurice Hines
Tuesday, Jan. 15, at midnight

Around Akron with Blue Green
Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 1:30 a.m.

Live from the Dennison Lodge, Pierce Pettis
Wednesday, Jan. 16, at midnight

Finding Your Roots, Mystery Men
Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 2 a.m.

WoodSongs, O'Connor Band
Thursday, Jan. 17, at midnight

Nova, Day the Dinosaurs Died
Thursday, Jan. 17, at 3 a.m.

Live from the Dennison Lodge, Ray Bonneville
Friday, Jan. 18, at midnight

The Royal Good Guys
Friday, Jan. 18, at 4 a.m.

WoodSongs, Celebration of Merle Travis
Saturday, Jan. 19, at midnight

Studio C Sessions, Wolf Alice / Demos Papadimas
Saturday, Jan. 19, at 2:30 a.m.

Second Opinion
Saturdays at 5 a.m.

Classical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique
Saturdays at 5:30 a.m.

10 Homes that Changed America
Sunday, Jan. 20, at midnight

Focusing the Universe
Sunday, Jan. 20, at 4:30 a.m.

History Detectives
Sundays at 5 a.m.

800 Words, Season 2 (Part 5 of 16)
Monday, Jan. 21, at midnight

Masterpiece, Victoria: Season 3 (Part 1 of 8)
Monday, Jan. 21, at 1 a.m.

Masterpiece, Victoria: Season 3 (Part 2 of 8)
Monday, Jan. 21, at 2 a.m.

Frontline, The Facebook Dilemma (Part 2)
Monday, Jan. 21, at 4 a.m.
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The Western Reserve Song of the Day!
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