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Regional Productions 2010-2015

In addition to creating many of its own regional productions, Western Reserve Public Media works closely with local independent producers to premiere their works and to provide content to Northeast Ohio on Western Reserve PBS, Fusion and MHz Worldview. Most programs are available as video on demand at WesternReservePublicMedia.org.

Accessible Shapes: Geometry (2011)
Students will learn about spatial visualization; surface area and volume; and the study of lines, angles and two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Career Connections: Get Ready for Your Career 3 (2014)
This career module is intended to help students explore career options. In the first section, students learn how to create items for a career or job interview, including résumés, cover letters and portfolios. The project goal is to assist students in making good preparatory decisions and life choices.

A Closer Look: Mitochondrial Disease (2014)
This Western Reserve Public Media production offers important information about mitochondrial disease, a debilitating and often fatal condition, through personal stories plus interviews and discussion with Akron Children’s Hospital health care professionals.

A Closer Look: Palliative Care (2013)
Western Reserve Public Media presents a panel discussion about palliative care, which is specialized care for people with serious illnesses. Host Toni Kayumi welcomes guests from NEOMED University and Akron Children's Hospital — both located in Northeast Ohio.

Country Crush (2010)
Independent Production
Molly Merryman, a Kent State University sociology professor, tells the story of the annual combine demolition derby held annually in Columbiana County.

Dean Mitchell at the Canton Museum of Art (2010)
This 30-minute documentary takes a look at the works of contemporary watercolorist Dean Mitchell, whose subject matter is drawn from his African-American roots in the American South.

Detroit Dissassembled at the Akron Art Museum (2010)
Viewers see the artist at work in this program about Andrew Moore’s critically acclaimed photographs of a crumbling city.

Earth Motion3: Our Changing Earth (2010)
Have you ever wondered how the mountains were formed or how the Grand Canyon was created? This educational seriescontains three complete modules that can help to explain these phenomena.

Get Ready for Your Career (2011)
The goal of this project is to help students match their interests and skills with a career path.

Get Ready for Your Career 2 (2012)
This multimedia package is directed at middle school and high school students who are considering life choices. One such choice revolves around what career to pursue. What steps will they follow to make this important decision?

Gone With the Weathering: The Result — Erosion (2012)
Did you ever wonder why the Cuyahoga River is so crooked, the Rocky Mountains are so high or the road by your house gets so bumpy? The lessons in this educational series will help you discover the answers to these questions and more. The teacher guide is divided into three sections: slow weathering, fast weathering and the redepositing of sediments. In each section, the desert is used as an example of the results of weathering and erosion. 

Guns N’ Pubs: CCW and Ohio SB 17 (2011)
Premiering on the day that changes to Ohio’s concealed carry laws went into effect, this program explores how concealed-carry permits work in the State of Ohio and what the new changes from Ohio Senate Bill 17 means.

Hammer on Steel: Bad Boys and Genius (2011)
Hammer on Steel: The Concert (2011)
Independent Productions
The history and heart of steel drum music and its journey from tropical Trinidad to The University of Akron’s music school are explored. Produced by Phil Hoffman of The University of Akron’s School of Communication.

Hammer on Steel: Steel Band Paradise (2013)
Independent Production
The University of Akron’s Steel Drum Band takes you on a tropical trip back to Trinidad and Tobago in its latest concert. Featuring steel drum legend Ray Holman in his first performance in the United States in decades, the concert also spotlights renowned calypso singer Keet “Designer” Styla. Enjoy a mix of jazz, calypso and traditional steel drum music. Produced by Phil Hoffman of The University of Akron’s School of Communication.

Joseph O’Sickey: The Art of Life (2013)
Acclaimed artist Joseph O’Sickey spent seven of his more than nine decades painting and teaching. In this production, we visit the artist’s Ohio home and garden that served as the inspiration for many of his paintings. We learn about the love affair that he had with his belated wife, Algesa. It’s a touching story of the beauty and the brush.

Kaleidoscope Quilts at the Akron Art Museum (2011)
Internationally renowned quiltmaker Paula Nadelstern has spent over two decades capturing in cloth the excitement of the ever-changing relationships of color, pattern, light and texture.

May 4th Voices (2013)
Independent Production
Features a play that brings together first-person narratives about the May 4, 1970, shootings at Kent State University. Written by David Hassler and directed by Katherine Burke, the play is based on the Kent State Shootings Oral History Project, which includes more than 115 interviews with National Guardsmen, students, townspeople and politicians.

Micro Business for Teens: Starting a Micro Business (2012)
This special walks teens through the steps to take to start a micro business. Based on host Carol Topp’s book of the same name.

More Than Rhyme: Poetry Fundamentals (2013)
Poetry is using carefully selected words to create a specific emotional response. This educational series helps students in grades 7-12 learn about the structure, usefulness and power of poetry.


NEOtropolis (2009-2012)
This weekly series — the only regularly scheduled program of its kind in Northeast Ohio — explores the impact of technology, globalization and diversity on Northeast Ohioans as they work, play, live and learn.

NewsNight Akron (1998-2010)
A roundtable of local journalists discuss greater Akron headlines every Friday evening. This series was created in 1998 to fill the news gap created when commercial TV left Akron.

NewsNite (2010-2013)
The reenvisioned and refashioned “NewsNight Akron” features segments that spotlight news from Akron, Canton and other communities whose stories are not covered by the network news operations in Cleveland and Youngstown.

Pattern ID at the Akron Art Museum (2010)
The Pattern ID exhibition features 15 artists of diverse origins who have seized on pattern and dress as powerful visual connectors between themselves, their histories and their audiences.

Paul Stankard Glass at the Akron Art Museum (2012)
This documentary captures the essence of artist Paul Stankard’s intricate glass art objects and features discussion with him about artistry. It also includes a visit to the Akron Art Museum to view the world's largest public collection of Stankard’s work.

Phi 1.61803: Art in Math and Science (2010)
The lessons included in this educational series relate the mathematical concept of phi to the beauty of art. A companion music video that resembles “Schoolhouse Rock” studies artwork that was exhibited at the Akron Art Museum to help students understand the concept.

Portraits of Life, Love & Legacy Through Pediatric Palliative Care (2013)
This production features the Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center at Akron Children's Hospital in Akron, Ohio, which provides care for children facing complex, chronic and potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

ProjectRESEARCH: Consider the Source (2013)
Research is the tool that helps us to make informed decisions. This project helps students in grades 7-12 learn the structure for creating a research project, from finding information to creating a presentation based on their work. 

Rebels on Lake Erie (2012)
Independent Production
In September 1864, a college-educated pirate from Virginia sailed out onto Lake Erie. He was intent on liberating the Confederate officers imprisoned on Johnson’s Island near Sandusky, Ohio. That’s just part of the story of intrigue, conspiracy and adventure about the Civil War told in this documentary by University of Akron professor Kathleen Endres.

The Restorers — They Were All Volunteers (2011)
Independent Production
Produced by filmmaker Adam White, owner of Hemlock Films in Cleveland, this documentary follows a B-25 bomber from Minnesota as its all-volunteer crew stakes time, money and lives to fly to a reunion of WWII Doolittle Tokyo Raiders in Dayton.

Road Kid to Writer: The Tracks of Jim Tully (2015)
Independent Production
This documentary is based on the definitive book about the life of a remarkable author and journalist, Jim Tully. It compellingly describes the hardscrabble life of Tully from his immigrant roots, rural Ohio upbringing, time in an orphanage and life as a hobo. Produced by Mark Wade Stone, owner of StoryWorks.TV.

Séances and Slot Machines: The Story of Brady Lake Park (2014)
Independent Production
This documentary tells the story of Brady Lake Park, located between Kent and Ravenna, Ohio. It opened in 1891 as a beautiful, rustic resort offering picnics and pony rides to the upper class and closed six decades later as a tired and seedy gambling den run by the Cleveland mob. Fred F. Endres, Kent State University professor emeritus in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, tracks the history of the popular park.

The “Sojer Boys” of Portage County (2013)
Independent Production
Some 2 million men fought for the Union during the American Civil War. More than 2,000 of them came from rural Portage County, Ohio. This compelling new documentary tells the story of seven of those young men. Fred Endres, a Kent State University professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, uses the letters and diaries of the men to take a close, personal look at the war.

A Tree Grows in Washington: The John F. Seiberling Story (2013)
This program follows the career and life of John F. Seiberling, who was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1918. He was first elected to Congress in 1970 and was reelected seven more times. We hear from his siblings and children, as well as Congressman Ralph Regula and Congresswoman Betty Sutton. The program is narrated by Michael Douglas, editorial page editor of the Akron Beacon Journal, and produced by Paul Jacoway.

Urban Innovators Speaker Series: University Park Alliance (2010-2011)
Western Reserve Public Media recorded the presentations of three urban development specialists who look at interesting new ways to invigorate the urban environment in the interest of economic development.

Who Shot Rock & Roll: Akron Art Museum (2010)
Based on the Akron Art Museum exhibition Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present, this production enhances the photographers’ stories by talking with historian Gail Buckland and some of the photographers in the exhibition.

Zoar Levee: To Preserve and Protect (2012)
Zoar, Ohio, sits at the base of a levee built in 1936 as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ water management program in the region. Today, the levee is failing and the Corps by law must consider all options to fix the problem. This program explores the town’s options.

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