camera shots

Long Shot (L.S.) — Used To:

Show where you are (also called an establishing shot)
• On top of a mountain
• In a living room

Show large groups of people
• Everyone who will appear in the program
• A group demonstrating

Show all of something
• A house
• A statue


Medium Shot (M.S.) — Used To:

Move in closer on what is important in the picture
• Cuts out unwanted people or background
• Focuses audience attention

Let people get a better look at what is important
• Person talking
• What person is talking about


Close-up Shot (C.U.) — Used To:

Isolate what is important in the picture
• People’s faces
• What someone is demonstrating

Enlarge something to give the audience a better view
• A cutting board during a cooking show
• A person’s hand during a manicure demonstration


Extreme Close-up Shot (E.C.U.) — Used To:

Show details or small objects
• Inside a watch
• A single person in a group photo

Add unusual effects to the program
• Someone’s mouth (comic effect to show a person’s anger)
• Enlarge a bug to the size of the TV screen
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