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Video 1 — Beginning the Project: Planning deals with the planning stage in the development of the video project — what type of video to make, the topic, the various jobs required and more.

View the Beginning the Project: Planning video online.

Beginning the Project: Planning lesson plans


Video 2 — Before the Tape Rolls: Preproduction discusses the second stage of production — storyboarding, scripting, lighting techniques and adjusting the audio.

View the Before the Tape Rolls: Preproduction video online.

Before the Tape Rolls: Preproduction lesson plans


Video 3 — Start the Tape: Shooting deals with camera shots, camera angles, composition and camera tricks. It also talks about putting the story all together with sound as well publishing.

View the Start the Tape: Shooting video online.

Start the Tape: Shooting lesson plans


Video 4 — The Final Product shows how to publish your video using different media, such as DVD, VHS, video CD and Web streaming, and shows samples of student-created video.

View the The Final Product video online.

The Final Product lesson plan

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