The purpose of this project is to provide guidance and resources for teachers so they can help students tell their stories digitally. In today’s classroom, digital photography and digital video enable students to make a clear visual connection with their subject matter. Students who create video documentaries not only learn the necessary technology skills but also become personally involved in the content, which leads to a better understanding.

This teachers guide contains four chapters that correspond to the four project videos. Each chapter includes helpful lesson plans, resource materials and checklists to supplement the projects.

Video 1 — Beginning the Project: Planning deals with the planning stage in the development of the video project — what type of video to make, the topic, the various jobs required and more.

Video 2 — Before the Tape Rolls: Preproduction discusses the second stage of production — storyboarding, scripting, lighting techniques and adjusting the audio.

Video 3 — Start the Tape: Shooting deals with camera shots, camera angles, composition and camera tricks. It also talks about putting the story all together with sound as well publishing.

Video 4 — The Final Product shows how to publish your video using different media, such as DVD, VHS, video CD and Web streaming, and shows samples of student-created video.
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