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Tools Used in Poetry

Tools Used in Poetry


What are the tools used to create poetry?


Denotation and Double Denotation

“Love Song” (PDF file)

“Throw Away” (PDF file)

“Things Shouldn’t Be So Hard” (PDF file)

Samples of Double Denotation (PDF file)



Formative Evaluation (PDF file)

Connotative Sets (PDF file)

“Hazel Tells Laverne” (PDF file)

“Rich or Poor?” (PDF file)

“Richard Cory” (PDF file)



“The Harbor” (PDF file)

“Jabberwocky” (PDF file)



“Strong Iron Hands” (PDF file)

“Charge of the Light Brigade” (PDF file)


Enjambed Lines and Word Placement

“The Dance” (PDF file)

“L(a” (PDF file)

“Funeral Blues” (PDF file)



“The Groundswell” (PDF file)

“Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout” (PDF file)

“Eleanor Rigby” (PDF file)

“Traveling Through the Dark” (PDF file)

“Eve” (PDF file)



Sample Bio-Similes

“Turn the Page” (PDF file)

Lyrics from TLC’s “Waterfalls” (PDF file)

Lyrics from Smash Mouth’s “All That Glitters” (PDF file)

“The Road Not Taken” (PDF file)

“The Rose” (PDF file)

“Persephone, Falling” (PDF file)

“Drops of Jupiter” (PDF file)

“Mother to Son” (PDF file)


Hyperbole and Understatement

Excerpt From “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” (PDF file)

Exceprt From “Grenade” (PDF file)

“A Red, Red Rose” (PDF file)

“The Constant Lover” (PDF file)

Juliet’s Lines From “Romeo and Juliet” (PDF file)

“Useless Things” (PDF file)

“The History Teacher” (PDF file)



“Death Stands Above Me, Whispering Low” (PDF file)

Fog (PDF file)

“The Gastronomic Gym” (PDF file)

“Because I Could Not Stop for Death” (PDF file)

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Enjambed Lines and Word Placement Personification Hyperbole and Understatement Comparisons Imagery