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Ratio, Proportion and Percent

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Ratio, Proportion and Percent Overview


In this unit, students complete hands-on activities and puzzles related to the difficult concepts of ratio, proportion and percent. The unit starts with a formative assessment and includes two instructional PowerPoint presentations and puzzles.

The second section deals with the different formats for ratios and the concept of unit rate. After viewing a PowerPoint presentation about proportion, students do a puzzle and then use proportion to double and triple a recipe.

They then use the Fibonacci sequence and the artwork of Chuck Close to find the value used in the golden ratio. They use measurement to determine if a face is mathematically perfect. As a project, they use a digital camera to either photograph themselves, a teacher or a friend to determine if the face measurements match the golden ratio.

These activities are followed by a summative assessment. Also included are resources pages, a vocabulary page and a resource page showing fraction bars.

The videos are brief but have two sections. The first part is a music video that reviews vocabulary and concepts. The last part is an introduction to the projects the students will be doing.


Standards Addressed

Grade 5 , Mathematics — Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard

05-07 Benchmark D. Use models and pictures to relate concepts of ratio, proportion and percent.

Y2003.CMA.S01.G05-07.BD.L05.I01 / Number and Number Systems

01. Use models and visual representation to develop the concept of ratio as part-to-part and part-to-whole, and the concept of percent as part-to-whole. Copyright©2010, Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio, Inc. All rights reserved.
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