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  • Sometimes Mingo are identified with Seneca in old records but they were possibly remnants of the Erie and Conestoga people.

  • Today, some believe the Mingo were Iroquois.


  • Here as early as 1749.

  • Inhabited Mingo Town, presently known as Steubenville, Ohio (Jefferson County).

  • Lived in what is presently Columbus, Ohio (confluence of Olentangy and Scioto Rivers).

Family Life

  • Matrilineal (family line came from the mother and would be carried on by sisters and daughters).

Famous Chief — Logan

  • Born on the Yellow Creek, near present Wellsville, Ohio.

  • Advocated peace until a raiding party of white settlers murdered six Mingo people including his mother and sister.

  • He began raids which resulted in Lord Dunmore’s War, which caused major changes.


  • Aftermath of Lord Dunmore’s war was that land south and east of the Ohio River was turned over to the British for settlement.

  • Mingo people moved into Northern and Western Ohio until their removal to the west around 1831-32.

  • Mingo of 200 years ago no longer exist under that name.
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