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Generations: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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Western Reserve Public Media Producer/Director Duilio Mariola and Associate Producer Barb Wallen, in the Goodyear blimp

Western Reserve Public Media Producer/Director Duilio Mariola shoots footage from the Goodyear blimp

Community members chat about
Cuyahoga Valley National Park at a Generations oral history collection event.


Betty Seiberling and David Seiberling, the wife and son of the late Akron congressman John Seiberling, talk about his legacy in helping to form Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Western Reserve Public Media’s production crew films Colleen Riley of Copley for Generations: Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Summer in CVNP

Photo credit: ©D.J. Reiser


Mill Creek Falls, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams

Great Blue Heron in CVNP

Photo credit: ©Jim Schmidt

Peninsula Towpath Trail, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams


Beaver Marsh, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Tom Jones

Sylvan Pond, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Bruce Winges

Brandywine Falls, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams


Everett Road Covered Bridge, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams

CVNP as seen from
the Goodyear blimp

CVNP as seen from
the Goodyear blimp


Springtime in CVNP

Photo credit: ©Tom Jones

Bluebell Path, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams

Ledges Overlook, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Tom Jones


Blue Hen Falls, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams

Ritchie Ledges, CVNP

Photo credit: ©Ian Adams


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