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The Research
Students conduct research on the different people that made up the feudal society. They study the clothing, food, culture, housing and other cultural facts about the various classes of people.

Lesson Plan: Feudalism Research






Feudalism: The Play — Assignment Sheet


The Play
Students create a play about medieval life. They develop the characters, setting, conflict and resolution. They also may produce the play.

Lesson Plan: Feudalism Play


Tips for Writing Plays

Developing a Character

Last Night’s Paper: A Comedy in One Act By Anne Walters

Helpful Hints

Storyboard for Stage Directions

Playwriting Checklist


Roman World vs. Feudal World
Students fill in a Venn diagram that compares the Roman and the feudal worlds. They look at the people, the government, the family, education, medicine and entertainment in both worlds.

Lesson Plan: Roman World vs. Feudal World

Characteristics of the Roman World

Characteristics of the Feudal World

Venn Diagram



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