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Last Night’s Paper: A Comedy in One Act
By Anne Walters


Sample Character List

BOBBY HARRIS — age 15, tall for his age, quarterback for his high school team.

CASEY JONES — age 16, chubby, awkward and easily embarrassed.

ANITA HARRIS — age 16, Bobby’s sister, small, a quick thinker.

LENORE CHIPWORTH — age 17, tall, dignified, serious, with a secret longing to be popular and to fit in.

MRS. HARRIS — a parent.

MR. HARRIS — a parent.


Sample Setting

TIME: After school on a Wednesday afternoon.

PLACE: Bobby’s room.

AT RISE: BOBBY and CASEY have just come home from school.
They throw their books down on the floor.

BOBBY sits on the bed as CASEY stands before the mirror admiring himself.

BOBBY: (TOSSING PILLOW INTO AIR AND CATCHING IT) Funny you didn’t see it. It was right there in the advertising section.


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