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Lesson Plan: Feudalism Research

Students will be placed into fact-finding teams. Each team has the responsibility of finding information about its topic, creating a fact sheet and presenting the findings. Topics to be explored are nobles, knights, clergy, tradesmen and peasants. The students will achieve the following:

  • Do research on the assigned topic

  • Present material to either the group or the class

  • Become involved in creating a play about feudalism


Standards Addressed
Grade 7
Social Studies — History, Benchmark C

03. Describe the conditions that gave rise to feudalism, as well as political, economic and social characteristics of feudalism, in Asia and Europe.



Research sources — Internet, texts, resource books

Feudalism: The Play — Assignment Sheet



  1. Divide students into teams of two or three.

  2. Make each team responsible for one to three of the following categories: nobles, knights, clergy, tradesmen and peasants. Students should find out about characteristics such as food, clothing, living conditions, homes, recreation, work, philosophy, etc.

  3. Each team is to find information on its topic by using the Web, their textbook, books from the library and other sources available. Each person on the team will fill out the Assignment Sheet. Photos and video clips also are available at this site under Online Resources.

  4. Have the groups meet to decide what the important facts are about their topic and what needs to be shared with the rest of the class.

  5. The groups should write up and distribute the Assignment Sheets before making their presentations.

  6. Collect the Assignment Sheets.


Determine the number of points given for each category.

Task Points

Turned-in Assignment Sheet


For presentation:

Put the main ideas at the beginning of the presentation

Had a clear introduction

Explained the main ideas

Talked about the most important facts learned  


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