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The Big Picture

The Eras of History
In the activity Tabla Lusoria, students play a board game that was invented by the ancient Romans. To advance their token on the board, they must correctly answer questions about whether an event happened in ancient, medieval or modern history.

Introduction to the Middle Ages Eras

Lesson Plan: Tabla Lusoria

Tabla Lusoria Instructions

Tabla Lusoria Game Board

Tabla Lusoria Game Cards


The Invasions
Students look at the barbarian invasions through a series of maps. Then they learn about items that the barbarians brought with them that made life easier for the feudal people. Finally, students create an advertising brochure that promotes one of these innovations.

Lesson Plan: The Invasions

Sample Advertisement

Background: The Invasions

Map 1: Roman Empire, A.D. 375

Map 2: Huns Force Movement

Map 3: Visigoths Push Vandals Out of Europe

Map 4: After the Huns Retreat

Map 5: Northern Tribes Take Over British Isles

Map 6: Byzantine Empire

Map 7: Islamic Moors

Map 8: The Vikings Attack


Learning About Islam
Students learn about the birth of Islam and its relation to the Crusades. For enrichment, students can write a paper comparing and contrasting Islam and Christianity.

Introduction to Islam

Lesson Plan: Learning About Islam

Learning About Islam — Search Assignment



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