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Your safety from feuding with your neighbors!

This wonderful holding and its high walls can be your protection in times
of need. It provides great safety from invading barbarians including Goths,
Moors, Franks, Jutes, Saxons, Anglos and even the dreaded Vikings.
You can work the lands, live in a hovel nearby and share your bounty with
the lord. He, in return, will make unreasonable demands on you and occasionally allow you to hide yourself inside his walls from the hoards of unwashed who come from the east. The cost is only endless labor and unfair treatment, but the protection is modern and convenient. Don’t get caught out in the cold!
Order today. (Not suitable for children.)

Visit us on the Web at www.eitherwaythepeasantslose.com
or call us at 1-800-RUN-GOTH!


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