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Lesson Plan: Learning About Islam

People today are bombarded with news about Islam, but most Americans do not understand the religion. This activity will help students learn about Islam. As they learn about the Crusades, this knowledge will help them understand who was fighting and the reason for the conflict. Also, for a democracy to function, we all need to be educated to make informed decisions. The intent of this lesson is to increase awareness. Sudents will accomplish the following:

  • Use print or online information to answer questions about Islam

  • For enrichment, write a paper comparing and contrasting Islam with Christianity or with another major religion


Standards Addressed
Grade 7
Social Studies — History, Benchmark B

02. Describe the enduring impact of early civilizations in India, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome after 1000 B.C., including the spread of religions.


Text, library books, Internet for research, Learning About Islam — Search Assignment Sheet



  1. Have the students create a KWL chart with headings as shown below, and fill out the first two sections. They should try to put at least three entries in each column.

    KWL Chart

    What I Know
    What I Want to Know
    What I Learned


  2. Lead a class discussion about what the students wrote on the KWL paper. Their entries can be written on chart paper, the board, etc., or can simply be discussed.

  3. The students can use what they wrote on their chart to complete one of the following assignments:
  4. Pass out the worksheet titled Learning About Islam — Search Assignment and direct students to do this activity as a scavenger hunt. Students may use their textbooks, library materials or the Internet. The Web site for this project, www.WesternReservePublicMedia.org/middleages/resources.htm, also offers a list of resources. Students can work with a partner to get the information. As a class, discuss what was found.

    The second option is to give the students the reference page Islam and review it as a class. Students may complete the worksheet during the review, or complete it independently.

  5. Enrichment: Students can work as a group to write three paragraphs that compare Islam and Christianity, or Islam and another of the major religions. The Internet site “Information on Muslims,” www.woodlandsjunior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/religion/Islam.htm, has information on all of the major religions. Student research findings could be presented to the class. You could help them by suggesting the categories for comparison. The categories might include the following:

    History of the religion

    Major beliefs

    Who is considered their god

    The part of the world where this religion is prevalent

    Holy books (if any)

    Other interesting topics


For the Student Handout
There are 16 answers on the handout. (Learning About Islam — Search Assignment Answer Key) A percentage could be given for the number of correct responses, or this could just be used as an information assignment.

For the Enrichment Activity:
Compare and Contrast Essay Rubric

Introduction The student equally addresses both likenesses and differences in the thesis. The student addresses likenesses and differences in the thesis, but not equally. The student does not address both likenesses and differences in the thesis. The student addresses neither likenesses nor differences in the thesis.
Supporting Main Ideas The student consistently provides appropriate evidence to support main ideas. The student usually provides adequate details to support main ideas. The student sometimes supports main ideas with sufficient evidence. The student rarely provides evidence that supports main ideas.
Grammar and Mechanics The student consistently uses correct grammar and sentence mechanics.` The student usually uses correct grammar and sentence mechanics. The student occasionally makes errors in grammar and mechanics that interfere with reading
the essay.
The student frequently makes errors in grammar and mechanics that interfere with reading the essay.

Rubric adapted from www.oneontacsd.org/rs/CompareandContrastRubric.html.


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