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Tips for Interviews

  1. Have a prepared list of questions for which you need answers.

  2. Introduce yourself and the project you on which you are working.

  3. Ask follow-up questions. Ask for explanations for any questions you do not understand.

  4. Maintain eye contact.

  5. Be relaxed.

  6. Practice your questions on a friend so you will know them well.

  7. Don’t ask yes or no questions — unless you plan a follow-up question based on their response. Ask questions that begin with “How,” Tell me about,” “Why,” or “Describe.”

  8. If videotaping the interview, use a hand-held microphone on the interviewee and ask them to answer in complete sentences. (You may want to edit it at a later time.)



Some Tips on Videotaping Your Interview

  1. Don’t cut off anyone in the shot.

  2. Use a tripod. A shaky shot is distracting.

  3. Make sure you shot doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary head room.

  4. Start shooting ten seconds before the interviewee starts speaking, and wait 5-10 seconds after they’ve finished to cut.

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