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Expert Group — Student Handout


1. Narrow your topic to a reasonable amount of material to teach in a fifteen minute lesson. 

Your large topic______________________    Your Subtopic______________________

2. Do research on your topic and find out important facts.


3. Brainstorm the facts and/or concepts you plan to include in your lesson.

FACTS: List them below!




4. Now write five test questions you plan to submit. Make a least two short essay-type questions. The other three can be true/false, multiple choice, matching, or fill in the blanks. Write the questions in blue and the answers in red.




5. Now plan how you will teach the information. Remember you are being graded on how the class does on your questions. You must plan a strategy to insure they will remember what you want them to know. Think about how you learn best. Describe your strategy below. Remember cute may not be the same as effective!




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