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Where Does TV Fit in at Your House?
A Family Checklist

Experts don’t recommend that children never watch television. They simply encourage a more deliberate and thoughtful use of the television in your home, and are especially interested in how you teach your children to view it.

This checklist is meant to make you more aware of how you and your children use television and how involved you are in monitoring what your kids watch.

Do you turn the television on as soon as you get home? Is it on regardless of whether anyone is watching it? Is it on when friends and family are visiting?
Is the television on while you eat meals?
Are you or your children at a loss for things to do when the television is off?
How often do you talk to your kids about what they’re watching?
Do you point out inappropriate programming to your children and explain why it’s not right for them?
Do you or your children interact with television programs? Do you comment on events taking place or express opinions about what’s happening while the show or commercial is airing?
What kinds of limits do you put on television viewing for yourself and your children? Are they restricted to a certain number of hours or to specific programs?
How often does your family spend an evening with the television off?
Do you plan television viewing for your family, or do you watch regardless of what’s on?

Adapted from Screen Smarts: A Family Guide to Media Literacy by Gloria DeGaetano and Kathleen Bander (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1996)





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