Masters of Gravity: Soap Box Derby Math & Science
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Video 5: Gravity
Bridget, Austin and Kevin are playing in the back yard. As Bridget goes down a sliding board she asks why she can't slide up the slide. Austin thinks that's a silly question: it's gravity, of course! Bridget asks for an explanation of gravity, which Austin and Kevin can't supply.  Kevin does remember that the Soap Box Derby is called the "Gravity Grand Prix." With that they decide Alex should know the answer. Alex is working on his old car and the kids ask him why the Soap Box Derby is called the Gravity Grand Prix. He has them get into the car, which is facing downhill, and shows them the emergency brake. When the brake is released the car coasts forward. He gives a brief explanation of gravity.


Download the Teacher Guide (PDF file)  Lesson begins on page 77.

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