Masters of Gravity: Soap Box Derby Math & Science
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Video 4: Simple Machines
Bridget and Austin are on their way home from school whey they see their new neighbor getting out of a vehicle in a wheelchair. As she prepares to go into her house, Bridget and Austin offer to help. "Why thank you," she says, "but that's OK because I have wheels and an axle, and a ramp on the front of my house to give myself a mechanical advantage." The kids look puzzled and the person explains how these simple machines make her life easier. Bridget and Austin stop off at Alex's garage and try to impress him with their limited knowledge of simple machines. Alex asks if they know how many simple machines are in the Soap Box Derby racer Austin is building. The kids run home to check.


Download the Teacher Guide (PDF file)  Lesson begins on page 63.

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