Masters of Gravity: Soap Box Derby Math & Science
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Video 1: Data Collection and Analysis
Austin is building his first Soap Box Derby race car. His sister, Bridget, is being a pest and wants to know everything because next year she's going to build and race a Soap Box Derby car. Austin says that's ridiculous and, besides, there are more guys than girls in the Soap Box Derby, so she couldn't hope to win. She had better leave him alone since he's the family's only hope of glory.

Bridget wanders next door where Alex, a college student studying engineering, is working on his old car (as usual). She explains the situation, and Alex invites her into the garage to see his Soap Box Derby race car. Alex suggests she do some research to find out the number of girls and boys in the competition and the ratio of wins by both.


Download the Teacher Guide (PDF file)  Lesson begins on page 9.

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