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EEO Public File Report
WNEO Alliance/WEAO Akron
June 1, 2018-May 31, 2019

Full-time jobs filled by the station’s employment unit during the previous year, identified by job title:

Coordinator, Educational Services


Jobs postings were also included on PBS Western Reserve’s website at www.westernreservepublicmedia.org, Western Reserve’s Facebook page as well as Western Reserve’s Twitter page and Indeed.com

Interviewed 1 candidate from the posting on PBS Western Reserve’s website and/or social media postings.



The following Prong 3 initiatives were implemented during the previous year:

(Pick four to be completed in two year period)
Date/Description of activity Personnel responsible
participation in at least four (4) job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in making hiring decisions;

3/27/19 - YSU Career Fair

10/05/18 - KSU Trumbull Career Fair

Jeff Good
participation in at least four (4) events sponsored by organizations representing groups present in the community interested in broadcast employment issues, including conventions, career days, workshops and similar activities;

04/18/19 - Summit Academy Career Fair

3/20/19 - Trumbull Career and Tech - Multimedia Advisory Council Meeting

4/15/19 - Trumbull Career and Tech - Career Day Presentation

Gary Manke
Heather Smith

Jeff Good

Jeff Good

establishing an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment;



participation in scholarship programs designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting; OAB Scholarship Program Annually staff is encouraged to share information about a scholarship program available through the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, in which Western Reserve is a member. Trina Cutter
establishing training programs designed to enable station personnel to acquire skills that may qualify them for higher level positions; Training Opps available to all employees. Participating employees listed in the personnel column.

Marybeth Gibbons, Terry Schlosser, Paula Kritz, Ryan Wheele, Debra Racey, Brandon Woyma, Trina Cutter, Jeff Good and Anthony Dennis all received training opportunities during the reporting period

participating in at least four (4) events or programs sponsored by educational institutions relating to career opportunities in broadcasting;

2018-2019 - MCESC Business Advisory Council

2/28/19 - Success Bound Conference

Jeff Good

Jeff Good


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