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Pearl Harbor: 75th Commemoration
Pearl Harbor—USS Oklahoma—The Final Story

Pearl Harbor—USS Oklahoma—The Final Story

This new one-hour film looks at the attack on Pearl Harbor with a focus on the sinking of the USS Oklahoma. It features first-person accounts from survivors who describe the attack in vivid, harrowing detail—from the moments just before the attack to the days afterward spent trying to rescue the sailors trapped aboard.

But the story of the USS Oklahoma didn’t end on Dec. 7, 1941. For 75 years, families have waited for remains of “unknown” sailors to be identified and returned, and many questions still surround a lingering mystery: Why did the USS Oklahoma sink and capsize so quickly?


Watch Pearl Harbor—USS Oklahoma—The Final Story online.


Pearl Harbor—Into the Arizona

Pearl Harbor—Into the Arizona

Learn of a landmark expedition to the USS Arizona, one of the most sacred war graves in the world. Since its sinking 75 years ago, no one has seen deep inside the ship, where more than 1,000 sailors lost their lives.

This new one-hour film follows an expedition team that uses an advanced underwater vehicle to explore the lower decks of the USS Arizona for the first time since it sank.

PEARL HARBOR—INTO THE ARIZONA features interviews with several Pearl Harbor survivors, including Don Stanton. It follows Stanton’s emotional journey back to the Arizona, where he joins the expedition team and watches a live video feed as the underwater vehicle explores inside his ship.


Watch Pearl Harbor—Into the Arizona online.


Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember Pearl Harbor

Narrated by veteran Hollywood actor Tom Selleck, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR chronicles the personal stories of veterans and citizens who witnessed the surprise attack by the Japanese on the American Pacific Fleet on Dec. 7, 1941, launching the United States into World War II.

Using archival footage and photos and graphics, the documentary shows in detail the bombings on Oahu along with the fiery explosion of the USS Arizona, the sinking of the USS Oklahoma and the attacks on Hickam Field.

The film includes first-person accounts from sailors, airmen, soldiers and civilians, including Lou Conter, USS Arizona; James Downing, USS Virginia; Vernon Carter, U.S. Army Air Corps, Hickam Field; and Barbara Kotinek, who was just six years old at the time and lived within eyesight of Pearl Harbor.


Visit the Remember Pearl Harbor website.


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Virtual Field Trip: 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Virtual Field Trip: 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor by joining PBS member station WYES and special guests for a live, virtual filed trip.

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Georgia World War II Oral History Project

Georgia World War II Oral History Project | Grades: 6-12

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Soldiers, Veterans and War in American Life

Soldiers, Veterans and War in American Life | Grades: 5-12

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