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Holy Holodeck! Experiencing the Immersive Holodeck Classroom

When: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 from 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Where: Western Reserve Public Media, 1750 Campus Center Drive, Kent, OH 44240

Price: $90 per attendee for all Ohio school districts.

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For very little or no cost (depending what is lying around at your school) you too can Immerse your students learning experience and travel virtually anywhere in the world with the Holodeck! NO formal tech background required! Easy to create at your school. 

You will have fun in this hands on workshop with  Dr. Jeff Kuhn of Ohio University and co-creator of the Holodeck, who uses it himself with his students. Learn how you can take your curriculum to a "holo" new level with this easy to create immersion learning experience, Dr. Kuhn teaches a class that frequently uses the Holodeck. Kuhn says the biggest benefit of the Holodeck is that it allows one to not only teach about a particular place but to actually let  students experience that place. With the ability to display nearly any image from the web, from traveling to Paris and practicing French, exploring the moon, or yes even dissecting a skull, the possibilities are endless.  


Sign up for Holy Holodeck! online.


See Holodeck in Action!


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