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Video 1
Competition, Supply and Demand and Interdependence


K.C. is your average teenager who wakes up one morning to discover that everybody wants the same video game. There aren’t enough of them, so the price goes up and this causes K.C. some problems.


What’s the Cost?

What’s the Cost? — Problem Cards (PDF file)

What’s the Cost? — Choice Chart (PDF file)

What Is the Opportunity Cost? (PDF file)


Supply and Demand — The Super Bakery

The Super Bakery Story (PDF file)

Super Bakery — Questions to Consider (PDF file)


Supply and Demand — Mountain Dew

The Mountain Dew Story (PDF file)

Mountain Dew — Questions to Consider (PDF file)


The Chains of Interdependence


Advance Organizers — Video 1 (PDF file)



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