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Contents of the Economics Package


The Videos
Economics follows a day in the life of Kyle Cashaway (K.C.) as he discovers how his life is impacted by economics.

Video 1: K.C. is your average teenager who wakes up one morning to discover that everybody wants the same video game. There aren’t enough of them, so the price goes up and this causes K.C. some problems.

Video 2: In his effort to make enough money to buy his video game, K.C. becomes part of the Junior Commerce Company and creates a product to sell.

Video 3: K.C. learns about some rules that govern the making and selling of the product made by the Junior Commerce Company and that there are laws and guidelines that govern all industries.

Video 4: K.C. learns that his company operates like major companies around the world. The productive resources, the resources available and other factors affect his ability to produce his product.

Video 5: In class, K.C. finds out that economics must be placed in a historical context, so the early beginnings of our nation and its economic history are discussed.


The Teacher Guide
There are three distinct parts of the teacher guide:

First are resource materials that can be used by the teacher if more information is needed on a topic. They also may be distributed to the students to increase their breadth of knowledge.

Next are introductory activities that include The International Trade Game, which simulates many economic concepts.

Following the activities are lesson plans for each of the video segments.

Video 1 includes lesson plans on supply and demand, competition and an introduction to interdependence.

Video 2 looks at productive resources, scarcity, producers and consumers and fundamental economic questions.

Video 3 contains lessons on the availability of resources, imports and exports, trade and interdependence.

Video 4 covers government regulations, tariffs and globalization.

Video 5 compares a franchise to mercantilism, looks at Triangular Trade and examines the effect of economics on the Articles of Confederation.


The Web
Resource pages and lesson plans for the teacher guide are available at Student worksheets and video on demand are also available.

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