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Module 3: Transfer of Energy

Transfer of Energy Overview

The Transfer of Energy module begins with a formative assessment. The main goal of the lessons is to help students understand that energy is transferred through conduction, convection and radiation.

The introductory lesson is a basic review of the transfer of energy. The students visit stations, do experiments and track the results.

In the second lesson, students research earthquakes online to find out where they have occurred. They plot the locations on a world map using longitude and latitude. They then connect the dots on the map, which will show the location of tectonic plates. The goal is for students to understand that the movement of these plates has caused the earthquakes at the boundaries of the plates.

Students then make a presentation about a topic related to plate tectonics. The project must include something about energy (heat) transfer. The medium of presentation is up to the student.

A summative evaluation completes the module.

The module also includes a resource page on the transfer of energy and a vocabulary list.


Standards Addressed

Grade 9, Science, Earth Science

9-10 Benchmark E. Explain the processes that move and shape Earth’s surface.

Y2003.CSC.S01.G09-10.BE.L09.I05 / Processes That Shape Earth

05. Explain how the slow movement of material within Earth results from:
thermal energy transfer (conduction and convection) from the deep interior;
the action of gravitational forces on regions of different density.


Y2003.CSC.S01.G09-10.BE.L09.I06 / Processes That Shape Earth

06. Explain the results of plate tectonic activity (e.g., magma generation, igneous intrusion, metamorphism, volcanic action, earthquakes, faulting and folding).


Y2003.CSC.S01.G09-10.BE.L09.I07 / Processes That Shape Earth

07. Explain sea-floor spreading and continental drift using scientific evidence (e.g., fossil distributions, magnetic reversals and radiometric dating). Copyright©2010, Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio, Inc. All rights reserved.
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