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Scenario — You’d Like to Live ... When?

H. G. Wells had an exciting concept with his time machine. Have you ever thought about life in the past? Now’s your chance to find an answer to the question, “If I couldn’t live now, when would I like to have lived?” To be sure that you’d be happy during the time you choose, you’re going to have to find out a little about what happened during the period politically, economically, socially and scientifically.

Because it would take too much time to study each decade completely, each group will study one area and present its findings to the class. The presentation can be in the format of PowerPoint, a skit, a TV news report, a commercial or public service announcement, a photo essay, a newspaper, a song, a poster or any other approach that your teacher approves. Use the template to assist you in your search for information.

After you have heard all of the group presentations, write a report that explains in which decade you would most like to have lived.

Scenario — You’d Like to Live ... When? (PDF File)

‘20s Template

‘30s Template

‘40s Template

‘50s Template

‘60s Template

Timeline (PDF File)

Presentation Checklist (PDF File)
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