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Using Persuasive Techniques

These lesson plans and projects are designed to support your teaching of the persuasive techniques.


The Hidden Power of Connotations



Slogans and Symbols in Commercials

Slogans and Symbols: Transfer (PDF File)

The Power of Transfer (PDF File)


Celebrity Power

P. Diddy

Product Comparison (PDF File)


Rhetorical Strategies — Appeals to Authority, Emotions, Ethics and Logic

Controversial Topics (PDF File)

The Voice of Authority


Logical Fallacies

Types of Logical Fallacy

Logical Fallacies (PDF File)


Choosing a Persuasive Technique

Amazon Rain Forest: Persuasive Comparison


Hooking the Audience: Persuasion in Print

Persuasive Techniques Checklist (PDF File)

Hooking the Audience Directions


Dear Persuasion: Analyzing a Persuasive Open Letter

“To Any Would-Be Terrorists”

Discussion Points: “To Any Would-Be Terrorists”


Making a Commercial

Creating a Commercial

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