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View the Language Arts Standards used in Change My Mind.

Download a PDF file of the Language Arts Standards used in Change My Mind.


Teacher Guide (PDF file)

Download the Change My Mind teacher guide.



Student Handouts (PDF Files)

Learning Persuasive Techniques

Appeal to Authority

Appeal to Emotion

Appeal to Ethics

Appeal to Logic or Reason


Card Stacking

Endorsement or Testimonial



Glittering Generalities

Plain Folks


Rhetorical Question

Scientific Approach

Selective Connotation and Word Choice

Sex Appeal

Snob Appeal

Something for Nothing


Urgency or Call to Action

Using Persuasive Techniques


Slogans and Symbols: Transfer

The Power of Transfer

P. Diddy

Product Comparison

Controversial Topics

The Voice of Authority

Types of Logical Fallacy

Logical Fallacies

Amazon Rain Forest: Persuasive Comparison

Persuasive Techniques Checklist

Hooking the Audience Directions

“To Any Would-Be Terrorists”

Creating a Commercial

Writing Approaches

Hope Leslie Poor

Frank Lee Good

Sam Pull

“Extreme Encounters” Tome Is Ultimate Rubbernecker’s Bible

Building Frames

Discussion Questions

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Zeus by Tom, Grade 7

Untitled by Alyssa, Grade 7






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