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Career Connections: Getting Ready for Your Career 4 is directed at middle school and high school students who are considering life choices. One such choice revolves around what career to pursue. What steps will they follow to make this important decision?

Transportation Supervisor


A transportation supervisor directly oversees the daily activities, workload and personnel of organizations that rely heavily on vehicle use in the course of their normal operations. Common places of employment include schools, freight companies, manufacturers, government agencies and local transit authorities. Qualified transportation supervisors maximize operational efficiency while minimizing costs.

About the Video

Matt Budyka is the Transportation Supervisor for Sysco Cleveland. His job is to make sure that dispatchers are kept abreast of the happening on the highway and are getting the trucks to where they are supposed to be. He assists break downs on the roads by sending appropriate help.

He starts his day with his computer and his phone. He uses apps to track the equipment and uses GPS systems to make sure they arrive on time.

He must make sure that drivers follow all federal laws, and regulations. Supervisors spend time on the road observing the drivers.

Matt has worked his way up through the ranks to become Transportation Supervisor. He has a high school diploma and obtained his commercial driver’s license (CDL) through the company. A CDL allows the driver to pull 80-thousand pounds on regulated types of equipment. There are training schools all across the county to receive instruction in this area. He believes experience really drives success.

Based on this topic, what questions do you have and what additional information would you like in order to connect your interests and strengths to the careers and industries highlighted in the video?

During the Video: Take notes on information that stands out, poses additional questions for you, or that supports your existing ideas about the careers or industries in the video

Now that you’ve viewed the video, analyze whether the new information impacts your previous ideas or opinions about the careers or industries.

Are there new careers and industries you’d like to research and learn more about? Are there changes to your previous interests based on the new information you gained? How can you connect your current learning to the skills and strengths highlighted in the video?

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