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Career Connections: Getting Ready for Your Career 4 is directed at middle school and high school students who are considering life choices. One such choice revolves around what career to pursue. What steps will they follow to make this important decision?

Food Scientist


A food scientist’s responsibility is to formulate new food products using ingredients that exist or ingredients that have to be created in order to make a product function. The research part of the job is looking for scientific evidence of something that works. The development part of it is taking that product and putting it into something practical like a finished food product.

About the Video

Jim Jasko knew in high school that he wanted to go into research. He found the thought of discovering something new exciting. He took a lot of chemistry classes in high school and then went to Baldwin Wallace leading to his career in food science.

Jim says the food industry is extremely competitive in product development. Consumers are now driving the health and wellness part of the food industry. Places like Trader Joe’s show that consumers are focused on all natural ingredients and locally grown products. This presents a challenge to food scientists.

There are many careers that fit under the umbrella of food scientist based on product development.

Food scientists need a college degree, mostly in science. They generally work in a lab environment. Small companies generally employ one, but large companies may have hundreds of food scientists The average salary is $66,870 per year.

Students can prepare for this career by taking science classes and statistically oriented math classes. There is plenty of opportunity for advancement, especially in working in flavor chemistry.

Based on this topic, what questions do you have and what additional information would you like in order to connect your interests and strengths to the careers and industries highlighted in the video?

During the Video: Take notes on information that stands out, poses additional questions for you, or that supports your existing ideas about the careers or industries in the video

Now that you’ve viewed the video, analyze whether the new information impacts your previous ideas or opinions about the careers or industries.

Are there new careers and industries you’d like to research and learn more about? Are there changes to your previous interests based on the new information you gained? How can you connect your current learning to the skills and strengths highlighted in the video?

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