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Career Connections: Getting Ready for Your Career 4 is directed at middle school and high school students who are considering life choices. One such choice revolves around what career to pursue. What steps will they follow to make this important decision?



A farmer is a person who owns, works on or operates an agricultural enterprise, either commercially or to sustain himself or his family.

About the Video

Tom Yuhasz was 12 years old when his dad gave him the use of a tractor. It was the beginning. His dad gave him a ten acre field and he planted and picked corn.

Today, he is still farming in the family business. He and his brother own Yuhasz Brothers, LLC and Colebrook Elevators in Orwell and employ about 20 people.

They start with spring planting and then monitor the crop during growing season. They hope the weather has the right combination of rain, sunshine and dry periods.

Depending on the time of year, he uses a variety of equipment. Studying the land and the plantings around you are helpful in deciding which crops to plant and how to care for them.

Knowledge of science also helps the farmer know what to plant and how to take care of it. Knowledge of math helps a farmer know how to make a profit from the land and is an important skill a student should have.

Based on this topic, what questions do you have and what additional information would you like in order to connect your interests and strengths to the careers and industries highlighted in the video?

During the Video: Take notes on information that stands out, poses additional questions for you, or that supports your existing ideas about the careers or industries in the video

Now that you’ve viewed the video, analyze whether the new information impacts your previous ideas or opinions about the careers or industries.

Are there new careers and industries you’d like to research and learn more about? Are there changes to your previous interests based on the new information you gained? How can you connect your current learning to the skills and strengths highlighted in the video?

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