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Download the Get Ready for Your Career 2 teacher guide. (PDF file)


PowerPoint Presentations

Emotional Intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence? (slide show)

What Is Emotional Intelligence? (PowerPoint file)



Supplemental Activities (PDF files)

Digital Skills


Student Handouts (PDF files)

Communication Skills

Clear Communication Drawings

Conducting an Interview

Writing a Résumé

Writing a Cover Letter

Going on an Interview


Emotional Intelligence

Nonverbal Language or Body Language

Take a Look at Yourself


Financial Literacy

Principles of Money: Vocabulary

What Are My Goals?

Setting Up a Budget

Jillian’s Personal Budget

My Personal Budget

Savings Tools Vocabulary

Savings Tools Note Taking Guide

Savings Tools Presentation

Characteristics of Savings Tools

Investing Tools Vocabulary

Investing Tools Note-Taking Guide

Investing Tools Presentation

Types of Investment Tools

Bringing It All Together: Setting Financial Goals, Budgeting, Saving and Investing


Entrepreneurship Processes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Ownership

Entrepreneurship Interview Guide

What Are You Passionate About?

What Entrepreneurial Traits Do You Have?

Information Management

You Run the Company, Part 1

You Run the Company, Part 2

You Run the Company Spreadsheet (Excel file)


Sample Careers

Multimedia Journalist

Video Game Designer

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