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This series was funded by the Ohio Legislature through the eTech Ohio Commission.




This multimedia package is directed at middle school and high school students who are considering life choices. One such choice revolves around what career to pursue. What steps will they follow to make this important decision? Get Ready for Your Career 2 videos offer students the opportunity to look closely at three careers. The guide helps students understand the idea of being an entrepreneur, working as an independent contractor or directing a business.


Get Ready for Your Career 2 has two sections. The first includes six videos about specific career choices: video game designer, multimedia journalist and X-ray technician. Three of the videos are for students and explore the following issues for each career:

  • What do people with this career do?

  • What tasks must people in this career perform?

  • What skills are necessary?

  • How should a person get ready for this career?

  • How much does this career pay?

  • Are there jobs available in this career area?


The other three videos are for teachers and they explain this teacher guide, which deals with characteristics that are important in a successful career. The new standards from the state of Ohio, Entrepreneurship Pathways, were used for the selection of the characteristics discussed:

  • Communication Skills — Any business and almost any career requires an ability to communicate successfully with other people. This unit helps students become aware that they are always speaking, even when they are saying nothing at all.

  • Emotional Intelligence — This section guides students through an interview of someone in their field and then requires them to present what was learned to the rest of the class. Along the way, they are prompted to learn the polite and productive habits of successful communication.

  • Financial Literacy — This program begins with an essential finance vocabulary. The lessons lead students through an understanding of goals and personal budgets.

  • Entrepreneurship Processes — Students are introduced to the various types of businesses and the characteristics of an entrepreneur. There is also a passion inventory to help students focus on their strengths and weaknesses. An interview of a successful entrepreneur closes the lessons.

  • Information Management — This unit has an activity titled “You Run the Company.” It allows students to learn about handling supplies, pay, profit and loss, inventory and taxes. It opens eyes and increases understanding of business concerns. Copyright©2012, Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio, Inc. All rights reserved.