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Financial Literacy

Investing Tools



This lesson orients students to the basic types of investment tools and provides information that will distinguish between them.


Entrepreneurship Pathways from Ohio Department of Education

Standards addressed

Unit 9: Financial Literacy

9.1 Describe the fundamental principles of money.

9.2 Manage personal finances to achieve financial goals.

9.3 Discuss the use of financial service providers to aid in achieving financial goals.

9.4 Describe types of investment strategies.




  1. Distribute and discuss the words listed in the Investing Tools Vocabulary handout and suggest that the students keep it handy as you continue through this unit.

  2. Begin by showing “Chapter 4: Start Savings — Saving for Retirement” of the PBS series “Your Life, Your Money,” which can be found at Select the second section of Chapter 4 (Saving for Retirement).

  3. Discussion questions to use with this video may include:

  4. Is Maria planning her future? If so, how?

    Is Maria saving or investing money? Explain.

    What methods is Maria using to invest for retirement?

    If you were Maria, would you have any worries about the money that she has invested in her retirement?

    Do you think Maria has thought too much about her retirement plans?

    Why is it necessary to invest for retirement?

    If you were Maria, would you make any different financial decisions?

  5. Discuss what investing is and have students record appropriate notes on the Investing Tools Note-Taking Guide.
  6. Split participants into five groups with an equal number of participants in each group. Assign each group one of the five investing tools being covered:

  7. stocks


    mutual funds

    index funds

    tax-sheltered investments

  8. Using the Investing Tools Presentation handout, students should research their assigned investing tool, prepare a brief presentation and deliver the information to fellow classmates who will record appropriate information on the Types of Investment Tools handout. Copyright©2012, Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio, Inc. All rights reserved.
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