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Financial Literacy

Investing Tools Vocabulary


Bond: a form of lending to a company or the government.

Dividend: the share of profits distributed in cash.

Index: a group of similar stocks and bonds.

Index fund: a mutual fund that was designed to reduce fees by investing in the stocks and bonds that make up an index.

Inflation: the rise in the general level of prices.

Investing: the purchase of assets with the goal of increasing future income.

Market price: the current price that a buyer is willing to pay for stock.

Maturity date: the specified time in the future when the initial investment (principal) amount of the bond is repaid to the bondholder.

Mutual fund: created when a company combines the funds of many different investors and then invests that money in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.

Rate of return: the total return on an investment expressed as a percentage of the amount of money invested.

Risk: the uncertainty regarding the outcome of a situation or event.

Stock: A share of ownership in a company.

Stockholder or shareholder: the owner of a stock.

Tax-sheltered investments: eliminate, reduce, defer or adjust the current year tax liability. Copyright©2012, Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio, Inc. All rights reserved.
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