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Know Yourself

Learning Styles (lesson plan)



This activity is designed to allow students to become aware of how they learn. This knowledge is but one factor in ultimately selecting a career that is well suited to them.


Standards Addressed

Personal Assessment

B.15 Evaluate personal capabilities

B.16 Conduct self-assessment to determine entrepreneurial potential


Personal Management

B.26 Use feedback for personal growth


Standards credit: The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, Columbus, Ohio,





How Do You Learn?

  1. Introduce the concept of how important it is to understand oneself.

  2. Pass out the Learning Styles handout and review it with your class. Ask the students to predict the type of learner they think they are.

  3. Have the students use computers to go to What’s Your Learning Style? at and take the learning style tests.

  4. Instruct the students to write a paragraph about what they have learned about themselves from these exercises.

  5. Review with the students the characteristics of an entrepreneur and ask them to compare what they found with these characteristics.


Other Resources

What’s Your Learning Style? — Gives an explanation of what learning styles are and a test to find your own style.


Writing Evaluation Scale

Criteria Points
Writing is clear; conclusions are logical and developed. 3
Writing is clear but brief and lacks clarity; some logic errors. 2
Writing draws at least one conclusion but is somewhat confusing. 1
Writing shows no conclusions or is unrelated to the task. 0 Copyright©2011, Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio, Inc. All rights reserved.
Learning Styles (lesson plan) Learning Styles (student)