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108 Stitches: The Physics in Baseball


108 Stitches: The Physics in Baseball is a science-based curriculum focusing on students in grades 6 through 10. The series uses the game of baseball to demonstrate basic principles of physics as set forth by the National Science Education Standards and the Ohio Science Academic Content Standards.

108 Stitches: The Physics in Baseball is centered on four videos: The Pitch, The Hit, Running the Bases and The Flight. The series is designed to enrich the classroom with powerful learning modules that are relevant and engaging to students. The hands-on, minds-on activities will revolve around topic areas that have been selected because of their relevance to the demonstration of physics and the sport of baseball.

In addition to the videos and Web site, 108 Stitches: The Physics in Baseball also has a teacher-developed teachers guide available in a downloadable format.

The Goal

It is the goal of 108 Stitches: The Physics in Baseball to enhance classroom learning conditions by:

  • Using diverse instructional strategies and settings that offer students many ways to think about and construct their knowledge.

  • Analyzing information that students have gathered and presenting it in a new form.

  • Providing multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in connecting science and mathematics to real-world applications as well as their own lives.

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