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Antarctica: 90 Degrees South — Video 104 (Biology/Ecology)
I Thought Penguins Could Fly: Video Worksheet

  1. Penguins have feathers all over their bodies to______________________ .

  2. Penguins live in colonies called ________________ .

  3. The very large birds that have wingspans of up to 10 feet and fly over Antarctica are called ____________________________ .

  4. Baby seals are called _______________________ .

  5. Seals contain an enormous amount of blood which allows them to hold more dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide so that they can ____________________________________ .

  6. Whales, dolphins and porpoises are not fish. Rather, they are___________________ .

  7. In the past, whales were hunted for the thick layer of blubber they possessed, which was used for ____________________ .

  8. Krill are important pieces of the Antarctic ecosystem because ____________________.

  9. An adult blue whale can eat up to ________ tons of krill a day.

  10. Plants rarely grow taller than ____________ inch in Antarctica.





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