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Antarctica: 90 Degrees South — Video 102 (Geology/Geography)
Antarctica Under Construction: Video Worksheet

  1. Give two reasons why there is no mining of ores at Antarctica:



  2. The theory that the continents moved or drifted into their current locations is called

    _____________________________________________________ .

  3. Alfred Wegener’s theory called the one original continent _________________________ .

  4. The majority of Antarctica is within the Antarctic Circle, which is at _______________ degrees South latitude.

  5. Antarctica is the _______________ largest continent.

  6. The United States is _____________ as big as Antarctica.

  7. Antarctica has two major types of ice, _____________ice and _______________ice.

  8. ______________ % of the world’s fresh water is contained in Antarctic ice.

  9. Only _____________ % of Antarctic land is not covered by ice.

  10. The highest point in Antarctica is ______________________________ .




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