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Antarctica: 90 Degrees South — Video 101 (Overview)
Welcome to Antarctica: Video Worksheet

  1. The coldest temperature ever recorded is ____________.

  2. The average temperature in Antarctica is ____________ in the summer and __________ in the winter.

  3. No rain has fallen in the part of Antarctica called the Dry Valleys for more than
    ___________________ years.

  4. Antarctica has the world’s longest glacier. It is ____________ miles long and ____________ miles wide.

  5. Only _______________ of an iceberg is visible above the water.

  6. The place where the cold water of the south and the warm water of the north meet around Antarctica is called the _____________________________ .

  7. Only about ___________ % of Antarctica’s land shows through the ice.

  8. The average thickness of the ice is about _________________ miles.

  9. The massive ice sheet of Antarctica holds about _____________ % of the earth’s fresh water.

  10. There are actually ___________ South Poles.

  11. Man-made chlorine and bromine containing pollutants have caused a problem above Antarctica called the _________________ .

  12. You don’t have to worry about flying insects in Antarctica because ______________________________________________________ .




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