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Procedures for Using the Simulation

Introductory Activity

Developing a Definition/Freewrite

Citing Electronic Sources MLA Style

Research Summaries

Pre-Interview Conference Sheet

Post-Interview Conference Sheet

Student Worksheet to Write the Debate / Discussion Position Notes

Final Evaluation of Antarctica: 90 Degrees South

Fact-Finding Teams


Citing Electronic Sources
MLA Style

Web Page

Author(s). Name of page. Date of posting/revision. Date of access. <electronic address>

It is important to use the date of access because Web pages are often updated and information available on one day may not be available later. Be sure to include the <and> markers.

For example

The information on this page is from

Purdue OWL Handouts-Using Modern Language Association Handout.
Access August 11, 1999 <>


Online Journals

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Journal Volume. Issue (year): Pages/Paragraphs. Date of Access <electronic address>



Author. E-mail to the author. Date

This is the same format that is used for personal interviews or personal letters except that the word e-mail is changed to interview or to letter.


Listserv Postings

Author. “Title of Posting.” Online posting. Date. Name of listserv. Date of access <electronic address>


Electronic Database (such as Newsbank, Ethnic News Watch, or Broadcast News)

Provide bibliographic data for the original source and then add the name of the database along with relevant data (such as version number and/or transcript).

You can also use Citation Maker at




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