Antarctica: 90 Degrees South Western Reserve Public Media



Procedures for Using the Simulation

Introductory Activity

Developing a Definition/Freewrite

Citing Electronic Sources MLA Style

Research Summaries

Pre-Interview Conference Sheet

Post-Interview Conference Sheet

Student Worksheet to Write the Debate / Discussion Position Notes

Final Evaluation of Antarctica: 90 Degrees South

Fact-Finding Teams



The year is 2050. The earth has become dangerously overcrowded. You are on a team of scientists commissioned to determine if Antarctica is a place where humans could live.

First you’ll be on a fact-finding mission. Based on the information you gather, your group will develop a plan for the following:

  • feeding people and the impact of humans on the food chain;

  • finding energy sources;

  • determining the types of structures that could be built to house the people;

  • and writing the laws necessary to maintain order.




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